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Sankalp disable association aims to provide employment and has developed a concept of VIKALANG PANIPURI VECHAN KENDRA in association with its patron company Sankalp Corporation . Out of 20,000 members of SDA many are capable of handling Panipuri vechan Kendra. Disable people who were earlier engaged in Panipuri selling or in similar kind of business will start these Kendra in first phase.

Project detail :

  • 150 Vikalang Panipuri Vechan kendras in first phase in Ahmadabad
  • All major cities and taluka places will be covered in second phase
  • Hygienic Panipuri will be served in ready to eat pack as well as loose at the kendras
  • Regular pack size (1) 20 Puri-(2) potato chana masala with chutney (3) Pani making masala
  • Large packing will be available for family
  • Kendra will be operated by Vikalang members only
  • Vikalang member will not need to invest any money

This project aims to generate employment for Disable citizen of India. The profit generated through this project will be diverted to SDA for supporting the unique project SANKALP VIKALANG AVAS YOJANA.

"This project is run by SDA's patron company Sankalp Corporation"