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About Sankalp Disable Association

Sankalp Disable Association (SDA) was founded by Ramesh Jashubhai Patel for the overall welfare and growth of disable citizen of India. Being a disable himself he realized the core need of an organization which can co-ordinate with all disable organizations and people working for the disable community. Sankalp Disable Association (SDA) has more than 20000 members across Gujarat.

Disable community is contributing greatly in the economy of India. To utilize the maximum potential of disable citizen SDA has planned various projects in association with its patron organization Sankalp Corporation Pvt. Ltd, where eligible candidates can be employed.

Activity for disable people:

  • Employment for disable in group companies
  • Training programs for various skill development.
  • Personality development programs.
  • Medical and health check up programs.
  • Knowledge and awareness programs for the schemes designed for disable citizens from States and Central government
  • Awareness programs for the general people how they can contribute for the overall upliftment of disable citizens.


An Association which has large number of people associated with them is working to improve their living standards and helping them to earn their livelihood. Mr. Ramesh Patel, The Trustee has the ultimate goal to provide employment opportunities for needy and disable persons and make them able to fulfill their day-to-day needs.

SANKALP DISABLE ASSOCIATION has planned various activities under the project SANKALP VIKLANG AVAS YOJNA, to provide training in the field of art and crafts, drawings, freehand paintings, employment opportunities and much more. Moreover, research work for art and crafts has been implemented, which can be a good help to social groups in our societies.

Further, schools have been included to give education to those children whose parents cannot afford costly education for their children.


Disable people who are willing to take benefits from this project should be a member of SDA. This MOU will provide employment to 62,356 disable people. Thus empowers the disable community.

The SANKALP DISABLE ASSOCIATION is aiming to provide food kits and residence to disable persons who are facing genuine challenges in their life. For which, we already have 20000 disable member whose all requirements and other details are associated with the SDA.


Mr. Ramesh Patel, has signed MOU worth Rs. 5,592 Crore with Gujarat Government in Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013. Mr. Ramesh Patel is the only one who owns and handles the entire organization. He believes that being a disable person it does not mean to get depend on others or to remain inactive. Not a single person in the world would like to remain depend on others or even on our own family members. But many people depends on their family because of their weaknesses or for any other unavoidable circumstances.

It will encourage the people who lost their willpower due to their disability and tortures of others. Those people have great opportunity to prove themselves and to make their own identity in societies.